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Customer Testimonials

Some of our customers have taken the time to offer us some feedback on Bumbershoot. Here is what they think:

"As a city mom, I've spent countless hours strolling in the rain. I've been waiting for this for years! It works great. I keep it on my stroller all the time."

— Jennifer W., Philadelphia, PA

"Even though I don't live in the city, I take it with me to the zoo and park. It has definitely kept me dry on some wet afternoons."

— Michelle C., Baltimore, MD

Here are the "Coos" that Petite Consumer gave Bumbershoot:

  • Large and deep enough to protect you from the rain (as well as the blow-out you just paid for).
  • Clear parasol so the the chauffeur can see through (think of your stroller as your car and this is your windshield…hmm, no wipers though).
  • Durable. The ribs are made from fiberglass and the canopy is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) (hope it does well under windy conditions too).
  • Works on all kinds of strollers as well as walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Can be rotated downward when not in use.
  • Adjustable for different heights and rain directions (like sideways and diagonal rain).
  • Ideal for the city mama who uses their stroller like other moms use their cars (Amber understands this after spending two months in Glasgow, Scotland…where is rains almost everyday).
  • It’s a hands-free umbrella!"
-- Amber M., The Petite Consumer